Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eee PC 900 Experience

Please note: This is a sharing of Eee PC 900 experience (4 weeks user experience), not a review.

We know Eee PC is hot. How hot is it?

When Eee PC 900 boots up, it is absolute cool and quiet. I turned on WiFi. Adjusted the bright level to 5 out of 10. 15 minutes after I surfed the net, the fan kicked in and I could feel the bottom of Eee PC was very warm. I used eeecontrol to monitor the CPU temperature. It's 58c degree.

Another test I tried. WiFi on. Bright level 5. I played the video for 25 minutes, it's 65c degree. I closed all the programs and waited for 5 mintes. It's back to 54c degree. The Eee PC was just a little warm.

WiFi test

I read some feedback the WiFi not so good in Eee PC. Is that true? I cannot live without the Internet for one day. I turn WiFi on every time I use Eee PC. Therefore I let WiFi run at start. It takes only 5 seconds to connect my router in basement with 80% signal where I'm in bedroom upstairs.

I didn't experience any problem until I want to save energy by turn off the WiFi. If I turn on WiFi again manually, it does not indicate it is connected. However, when I try to surf the net, there is no problem.

After the WiFi connection is established, there are very few chance the connection is dropped.

One Two Three

The new multi-touch touch pad is fun. I can use two fingers to scroll the page continuously until I tap to stop the scrolling. The standard vertical/horizontal side scrolling are replaced by two fingers scrolling. The disadvantage is there is a very little bit delay for multi-touch scrolling. Two fingers zooming in/out woks well with both hands without have to config the setting.
Circular and three fingers scrolling are possible, however, I haven't found out how to use it yet.

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